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Interior Photography

I began my professional career at Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, WI. Ever since I have had a desire to produce a book on the state of the industry. Mainly a BrewPub guide of breweries in the West including California, Oregon and Washington. There are hundreds of them, all with their own character and style. I envision an interior photography shot of the brewing area and also the bar/restaurant area. Plus shots of the Brewmaster, staff and food. These images along with text outlining the brewery history or story of its creation would make a wonderful travel guide to the hordes of beer aficionados.

I have been doing interior photography for twenty years. My style is open and clean. The techniques I use enable me to capture the natural light in a scene. In addition, my partner Judi is a food photographer in Oakland. We can photograph your brewery/restaurant and create a wonderful portfolio for websites.

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