Portraits taken on location in a natural setting or in your office or workplace. I bring my studio with me to photograph. My lighting style is open and airy, balancing my lights with the natural light of a scene. Portrait sessions take approximately one hour.


Portraits with a studio background. Many choices of paper or painted canvas backgrounds are available. I also have garden areas suitable for portraiture. I am available for consultation to discuss clothing and makeup choices for your sitting. I always recommend bringing different sets of clothes for a varied look. It is a good idea to bring a mix of professional wear and casual wear to have images that you can use for different occasions. A popular portrait these days is for dating websites and I can help make your portrait get noticed.


I also photograph dogs with or without their owners. I have a love of dogs and always have fun photographing them. Bring your dogs favorite treats to keep them attentive and happy. Getting a good shot of your pet depends on how well trained they are at the sit/stay command. I am very patient behind the camera and with my knowledge of dogs I can help make the photo shoot a success.

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